Masters Hockey Nederland: Who Are We?


Masters Hockey Nederland was formed in 2016. This club has no pitches, no club house and does not participate in regular weekly competitions.

So what do they do? Masters Hockey Nederland were established to administer and promote field hockey at international level, both competitively and recreationally, for men and women in the age of 35 or more.

Masters Hockey Nederland are a member of WMH, World Masters Hockey, an international association acknowledged by FIH, the International Hockey Federation.


Masters Hockey Nederland organise the Dutch participating teams at official international FIH Hockey Tournaments, such as the European and World Championships.

Corresponding to the grouping used by IMHA, Masters Hockey Nederland have both women's teams and men's teams in the age brackets 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+ en 55+.


Apart from participating in these official international tournaments, we also take part in friendly games against foreign Masters teams as well as various veteran's teams from the Netherlands and abroad.

Finally, Masters Hockey Nederland take part in various national tournaments and are regularly asked to come and play exhibition matches at the opening of a new club house or new water pitch. 


The teams organise their own trainings, mostly held in the center of Netherlands to minimise travel distance for all participants.